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Paradigm Signature S8 Review by Choice Audio

The S8 is the flagship speaker in Paradigm’s Signature line.  Paradigm is at the leading edge of speaker design, manufacturing a sophisticated product from the finest materials available.  This state-of-the-art, high-end speaker is capable of exceptional sound and presence.  The S8 is designed for the two-channel audiophile and features six magnetically shielded drivers; a beryllium dome tweeter, a midrange and four woofers. The tweeter and midrange are ferro-fluid damped and feature dual super neodymium magnet structures for lower distortion and greater power handling.  The bass drivers feature mineral-filled polypropylene cones and massive hard ferrite magnets. The result is an instantaneous and uniform response with no resonance or distortion.

The S8’s have a musical and natural sound, breathtaking midrange clarity, and superior sensitivity, all wrapped up in a gorgeous looking cabinet.

With this kind of quality construction and innovative R&D you would expect to see a much larger price tag, but the S8’s are moderately priced, stacking up favorably against speakers costing far more.

Availability:  Now


Product Type:
6 driver, 3-way floor-standing speaker

High-Frequency Driver
fluid damped / cooled; rear damping chamber with ARB™ fins and integrated heatsink; neodymium ring magnets; die-cast heatsink chassis; MOUNT™

Midrange Driver
PAL™ cone; fluid damped / cooled; ATC™ chambers; 38-mm (1-1/2 in) dual-layer voice coil; dual super-neodymium ring cast heatsink MOUNT™

Bass Drivers
Four 178-mm (7 in) mineral-filled polypropylene cones; overmolded 1/2 in) four-layer long-excursion voice coils; massive hard ferrite magnets; AVS™ die-cast heatsink chassis; MOUNT™

Low-Frequency Extension:  24 Hz (DIN)

Frequency Response:
On-Axis:  45 kHz
30º Off-Axis:  20 kHz

Sensitivity – Room / Anechoic:
92 dB / 89 dB

Suitable Amplifier Power Range:
15 – 500 watts

Maximum Input Power:
250 watts

Compatible with 8 ohms

Height, Width, Depth:
48-1/2 in x 8-1/2 in x 20-1/2 in

Weight (unpacked):  100 lbs each