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KEF LS50 review by Choice Audio:

This speaker has received praise and accolades from reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic.  Stereophile Magazine chose the KEF LS50 as their 2013 component of the year; the first time their best budget component has won best overall component.  While reviews are nice, we often treat them with skepticism, due to the variables involved in equipment and room dynamics.  In the case of the KEFs, we have to say this impressive little speaker is deserving of all the rave reviews.

These speakers are amazing for the price (MSLP $1,500).  The LS50s reproduce vocals in a way we have never heard before; both smooth and accurate. The speakers are amazingly coherent with a superb blending of all frequencies.  The sound stage is huge for a speaker of this size and at this price point.  The KEF LS50s perform well with a wide range of equipment, whether it is tube or solid state, expensive or mid priced. The LS50s sounded impressive with every system we hooked them up to.  Come and audition this wonderful speaker at our Lakeville location.

Available for demo

Design:  Two-way bass reflex

Frequency range:  47-45kHz

Crossover frequency:  2.2kHz

Amplifier Requirements:  25-100W

Sensitivity:  85dB

Max output:  106dB

Nominal Impedance:  8 Ohm

Weight:  15.8 lbs

Dimensions (H X W X D):  11.9 x 7.9 x 10.9 inches