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Stillpoint Ultra-mini

Choice Audio’s Review of Stillpoints

We are usually leery of tweaks.  In many cases, after an audition, we haven’t been able to detect a difference in the sound.  After hearing about Stillpoints, we were skeptical.  The first time we placed the Stillpoints under speakers, we were amazed.  We saw instant improvements in every area of sound reproduction.  Bass improved, imaging improved, darker backgrounds, micro details were more resolved and the sound stage opened up.

We recommend Stillpoints under nearly every speaker we sell.  Whether you have $600 bookshelves or $20,000 monitors, give them a try under your speakers and see what they can do.  The difference is amazing.

After giving Stillpoints a trial run under your speakers, try them under your CD player, tube preamp, tube amplifier and phono stage. Again, in the majority of instances with Stillpoints under these components you will see a significant improvement in sound quality.  With solid state equipment it seems to depend on the component; sometimes the difference is significant and sometimes not.

Want to try Stillpoints under a turntable?  Our experience is that results are variable.  We have heard significant improvement in sound when we placed Stillpoints under certain brands of turntables. Generally there is large increases in bass response, more detailed sound, and better imaging.  In some instances they have actually made the turntable sound worse. We recommend a try out to see what they do for your table.

Intrigued enough to give them a try?  Give us a call and we can set you up with a try out on your system.

Bruce Jacobs from Stillpoints gives a nice review of the Stillpoints products.

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