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Exemplar Audio Oppo BDP-105 Tube Modification

The Oppo BDP-105 is well known to audio and home theater enthusiasts for its versatility and ability to play movies and music in almost any format.  To top it all off, it sells at a reasonable price point.

To bring the impressive BDP-105 up another notch, John Tucker of Exemplar Audio has designed a modification that includes both a new tube output stage and a very significant upgrade that includes a separate outboard power supply just for the output stage.  The modifications affect only the stereo audio output (unbalanced is standard balanced outputs can be added for an extra $200) of the Oppo.  The result is an audio improvement that puts the BDP-105 into a class with the best stereo components regardless of price.  Be prepared for a major step up in sound quality with greater clarity, range and an improved sound stage.  It’s as if a veil has been lifted and the detail and nuances of the music are now revealed.  Our customers have been delighted with this upgrade and we think you will be too.

Here’s what makes John’s Modifications so unique:

  • Original analog output stage completely removed.
  • Proprietary shunt regulation added feeding 9018 DAC chip
  • Signal taken directly off of 9018 DAC chip and routed through high quality film capacitors to inputs of new tube analog stage.
  • 2 stage direct coupled analog tube stage with actively loaded low impedance output stage installed.
  • Outputs through high quality film capacitors and wired with long crystal copper wiring.
  • Proprietary shunt regulators located on new tube analog board and right next to each channel of analog stage for high voltage.
  • Fully regulated filaments.
  • All new resistors 1% metal film.
  • External Power Supply with custom mu-metal shielded power transformers and power supply board mounted directly to transformer.
  • Fully shielded umbilical of our own design.

Exemplar Audio T105 Oppo Modification