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Anthem MRX-310 Receiver


Anthem MRX 710 review by Choice Audio

This is an awesome receiver.  We have had it hooked up to our system for a few weeks and it has well surpassed our expectations. One thing that stood out immediately in our demo was the power.  It was able to push our 7.1 set up to ear bleeding levels without even a hint of distortion.  A most impressive receiver!  The speakers in our demo room are normally driven by 250 watts per channel from separate amplifiers, yet the MRX-710 really delivered on being able to get a visceral response.  War of the Worlds sounded phenomenal.  In the coming weeks look for a more detailed review on this product.

More to come, but at first listen we think this receiver is a winner!


Maximum Output:
(<0.1% THD) 3.5 Vrms, subwoofer channel 6.1 Vrms Frequency Response:
(2 Vrms output): 8 Hz to 28 kHz (+0, -0.25 dB)
Analog-Direct mode (2 Vrms output):
8 Hz to 50 kHz (+0, -0.25 dB)

THD+N (2 Vrms output):  <0.03% S/N Ratio (2 Vrms output, IEC-A filter):  102 dB

L-R channel separation (analog input, 1 kHz):  96 dB

Frequency Response:
(full power output): 10 Hz to 30 kHz (+0, -0.5 dB)

THD+N (1W output):
<0.04% (20 Hz to 20 kHz) S/N Ratio (full power output, IEC-A filter):  101 dB

Maximum continuous output into 8 ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.1% THD:
120 W (2 channels), 90 W (5 channels)
Maximum:  500 W
Standby (default ECO mode): <0.3 W Standby IP Control enabled: 2.0 W
Standby HDMI Bypass enabled: 5.6 W
Standby IP Control and Standby HDMI Bypass enabled: 6.6 W

6-1/2˝ x  17-1/4˝ x 14-5/8˝

WEIGHT:  30.8 lbs