Anthem Electronics

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Compare Anthem Receivers to brands like Denon, Marantz, Arcam and Rotel. We feel that dollar for dollar you won’t find a better value in terms of performance, usability and reliability. Their amplifiers are superb and able to drive speakers to the volumes needed for the ultimate home theater experience. They do this without the annoying distortion that forces you to turn the volume down.

Anthem’s patented ARC system is the best room correction software that we have ever heard. In our opinion the ARC is without a doubt better than Audyssey and other room correction software available today.

If you are looking for the ultimate home theater processor, then the Anthem D2v 3D should be on your short list to audition. Compare the D2v to Lexicon, Classe, Marantz and McIntosh.

Anthem is a natural match for many speaker brands especially Paradigm. Anthem is a sister company to Paradigm Speakers and their electronics are a perfect fit to make Paradigm speakers sound their best. That being said, we have used Anthem products with many different speaker brands and they work very well with KEF, Martin Logan, Triad, Klipsch and others.

To purchase Anthem Electronics in the Minneapolis St. Paul Area look no further than Choice Audio.

We have MRX-310s and MRX-710s in Stock!

Anthem Electronics D2v 3D

Surround Processor

Anthem P5 Amplifier

Anthem Electronics P5

Multi-Channel Amplifier

Anthem MRX-310 Receiver

Anthem Electronics MRX-710

Home Theater Receiver

Anthem MRX-310 Receiver

Anthem Electronics MRX-510

Home Theater Receiver

Anthem MRX-310 Receiver

Anthem Electronics MRX-310

Home Theater Receiver