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To provide our customers with a positive experience in everything we do.


Integrity: Do the right thing even when no one is watching

Honesty in every thing we do

Respect for People: They are our most valued resource

Expertise: Continuous learning and education fueled by the desire to be the best

Profitability: Ensures that we will maintain the highest level of customer service and long term survival

What does this mean for you? You will receive the highest quality, best sounding stereo system that your budget will allow


Give us a call and tell us about your current system.

We can help you find answers to just about any questions you may have…

Do I need a new amplifier or a preamp?
Should I get better speakers or a DAC?
Will new cables make a difference?
Do I need a power conditioner?
How do I get good two channel audio from my home theater system?
Would a new subwoofer help out my bass?
What’s the best 7.1 Receiver for audio?
What turntable should I buy?
These are all questions about your stereo system that we can answer in an honest, non-condescending manner.

Choice Audio can answer all your questions about two channel audio, stereo systems, and home audio systems in Minnesota, Minneapolis and St. Paul.